Deep Dreams 47

(One Hour Melodic Deep Trance Mix)

Dreamlab projectDeep Dreams 47

Deep Dreams #47  has great tunes by

Producers: Lr Uplift, Adam Taylor, Raddle B, Access 69, Kayzen, Alan Morris, Atti Master And Punk Jungle, Cedric Paul, Alexey Ryasnyansky, Ahmed Romel Vs Philippe El Sisi And Omar Sherif;
Vocalist: Josie Sandfeld, Marcella Woods, Josie Sandfeld, Sarah Lynn;
Remixes: Joren Heelsing, Josh Ferrin;

TrackList Deep Dreams #47

  1. Lr Uplift And Josie Sandfeld - Saved My Life [Abora Recordings]
  2. Adam Taylor And Marcella Woods - A Million Miles [High Voltage Recordings]
  3. Raddle B And Josie Sandfeld - Dont Let Go [Abora Recordings]
  4. Access 69 - Sometime [Redux Germany]
  5. Kayzen - Love Comes To Find You (Joren Heelsing Uplifting Remix) [Addictive
  6. Sounds]
  7. Alan Morris And Sarah Lynn - Take Me On A Journey (Josh Ferrin Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
  8. Atti Master And Punk Jungle - Sapphire Eyes (Another Vision) [2Rock Recordings]
  9. Cedric Paul - Echoes From Beyond [Beyond The Stars Reborn]
  10. Alexey Ryasnyansky - Stream [Infusion Recordings]
  11. Ahmed Romel Vs Philippe El Sisi And Omar Sherif - The Homecoming (Fsoe 800 Anthem) [FSOE]

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