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As a DJ, I am dedicated to sharing incredible music with fellow music-lovers through my podcast episodes. It’s important to note that these episodes are solely for listening purposes, and there is no intention of monetization. My main goal is to promote and showcase the talents of artists and producers by featuring their tracks in the podcasts.

Throughout the episodes, I make sure to provide proper recognition to the producers and labels who own the rights to the music. I mention the artist name, song title, and associated label or producer, giving credit where it’s due and helping to amplify their work.

Respecting copyright is a priority, even if the podcasts are not monetized.

If you are a producer, feel free to share your Soundcloud or Twitter page with me so that I can include it as a link to showcase your work. By default, I will link to the Soundcloud page of producers, assuming it exists. However, if you don’t have a Soundcloud page or it doesn’t exist, I will link to your Twitter page instead. This way, viewers and listeners can easily access and explore your music during the live broadcast on 1mixradio.

If you are a label and interested in collaborating, please feel free to provide me with your page/website or social media page. By default, all artists will be linked to their Soundcloud pages, allowing listeners to explore their music. During the live broadcast, all labels will be linked to their Twitter pages, provided they exist, giving the audience an opportunity to connect with and support the label.

If you are a producer and interested in having your tracks featured on the Deep Dreams & Oceanic Dreams Podcast, I invite you to send me your music. The Deep Dreams podcast focuses on genres such as Trance, Progressive Trance, and Vocal Trance. On the other hand, the Oceanic Dreams podcast explores genres like Chill-out, Vocal Chill-out, Chill, Chill House, Psy Chill, Lounge, and Deep House. Feel free to submit your tracks, and they may be included in future episodes of the respective podcasts, giving your music exposure to a dedicated audience.

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