Oceanic Dreams 40

(One Hour Chillout Mix)

Dreamlab projectOceanic Dreams 34

Oceanic Dreams #40  has great tunes by

Producers: Dj Artak, Fushe, Airstream, Sound-X-Monster, Artenovum, Yusuke Teranishi, Suduaya & Terra Nine, Stratusphere, Eclektic, Levitation, Florito, Jesney, The Thrillseekers;
Vocalist: Sone Silver, Svetlana, Nicole Schaenzle;
Remixes: Del Mar, Magmatic,

TrackList Oceanic Dreams #40

  1. Dj Artak And Sone Silver - Searching [Nicksher Music]
  2. Fushe - Enigmore [Global Player Music]
  3. Airstream - Your Tears (Del Mar Mix) [Maretimo Records]
  4. Sound-X-Monster - Overnight (Magmatic Remix) [Fidelity Music]
  5. Artenovum - Virus To Heaven (Svetlana Vocal Mix) [Freebeat Music Records]
  6. Yusuke Teranishi - Innocence [Synth Collective]
  7. Suduaya & Terra Nine - Holy Mountain (Suduaya Mix) [Sofa Beats]
  8. Stratusphere - Forest Moonrise [Microcosmos Records]
  9. Eclektic - Vision Of Inion (Original Mix) [Sofa Beats]
  10. Levitation Feat Nicole Schaenzle - Fly To The Sky [Milk & Sugar]
  11. Florito - Saigon Morning [Hamburgo Rocks]
  12. Jesney - Yesterday's Memories [FineGrind Audio]
  13. The Thrillseekers Pres. Hydra - Amber (Sunset Mix) [FSOE Chill]

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