Oceanic Dreams 44

(One Hour Chill And Spychill Mix)

Dreamlab projectOceanic Dreams 44

Deep Dreams #44  has great tunes by

Producers: Kyau And Albert, Activa, Feel And Andrew Mirt, John Askew, Jane Maximova, Conjure One, Dense, Unusual Cosmic Process, Zero Cult, Cosmic Dust, Vanilla Potatoyes, Daminika
Vocalist: Liam Melly And Jska, Lo, Alexandra Badoi, Ana Criado, Jeza,
Remixes: Paul Skeltons, Bryn Liedl, Sandro Mireno, Princess, Rayan Myers

TrackList Oceanic Dreams #44

  1. Liam Melly And Jska - Lord Its A Feeling (Paul Skeltons Acoustic Mix)
  2. Kyau And Albert - Memory Lane (Bryn Liedl Extended Remix)
  3. Activa And Lo - Leave A Light On (Extended Mix)
  4. Feel And Andrew Mirt And Alexandra Badoi - Our Love (Sandro Mireno Orchestral Mix)
  5. Ana Criado - Afterglow (Bryan Milton Remix)
  6. John Askew - Beirut (Original Mix)
  7. Jane Maximova - Clouds (Original Mix)
  8. Conjure One And Jeza - Future Sight
  9. Chicane - Offshore (Evolution Mix)
  10. Dense, Unusual Cosmic Process - Microwave (Princess Remix)
  11. Zero Cult, Unusual Cosmic Process - Pathway To Eternity (Dub Remix)
  12. Cosmic Dust - Lost Temple
  13. Vanilla Potatoyes - The Strangest Thing
  14. Daminika - I Won't Sleep (Rayan Myers Remix)

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