Oceanic Dreams 35

(On Hour Vocal Chillout Nonstop Mix)

Dreamlab projectOceanic Dreams 35
DreamLab Project - Oceanic Dreams 35

Oceanic Dreams 35 have great tunes by CPaul van Dyk , Darren Porter, The Ambientalist , Zetandel, Josh O'Nell, Seven24, Emiol, Delaitech, Iris Dee Jay & R.I.B and amazing vocalists Ana Criado, Angel Falls, Linnea Schossow, Tiff Lacey, Maria Opale and Cathy Burton. get ready for nice mix

TrackList Oceanic Dreams 35

  1. Paul van Dyk with Aly And Fila & Sue McLaren - Guardian (Escape Mix) [VANDIT Records]
  2. Darren Porter, Ana Criado - Dream Like I Do (Zetandel Remix) [PureBliss]
  3. Alexander Tarasov feat. Angel Falls - Take My Life (Nale Vocal Remix) [Nicksher Music]
  4. Alex Klingle Feat. Linnea Schossow - I Run To You (Bryan Milton Remix) [Enhanced Music]
  5. Cathy Burton - Reach Out To Me (Zetandel & Erydrim Chill Out Mix) [RazNitzanMusic]
  6. Paul van Dyk - Heart Like an Ocean (Escape Mix) [VANDIT Records]
  7. Melodic Brothers & Bryan Milton feat. Natune - Lethargy (Iris Dee Jay Remix) [Nicksher Music]
  8. The Ambientalist - Betelgeuse (Original Mix) [MQY Music]
  9. Zetandel & Tiff Lacey - Cosmos [PureBliss]
  10. Josh O'Nell feat. Angel Falls - Shade (Dj Artak Remix) [Nicksher Music]
  11. Jennifer Rene & Emerge - Landslide (Seven24 & Emiol Chillout Remix) [AVA Chill]
  12. Seven24 & Delaitech - Coma [Seven24 Music]
  13. Paul van Dyk - Stronger Together (Escape Mix) [VANDIT Records]
  14. Iris Dee Jay feat. Maria Opale - Far Away (Nale Remix) [Chills Music]
  15. Bryan Milton - Only You in My Heart(Original mix)
  16. Idenline - Carry Heart (Original Mix)
  17. R.I.B feat. Angel Falls & Allam - I Will Guide You (Original Mix) [Easy Summer]
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