Deep Dreams 15 (Vocal Trance Mix)

Deep Dreams Episode 15

One Hour Trance And Vocal Trance Mix

Dreamlab project
Deep Dreams 15
Dreamlab projectDeep Dreams 15
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DreamLab Project - Deep Dreams 15

Deep Dreams 15 has new tunes by Denis Kenzo, Evebe, Woody van Eyden, Somna, NewLands, Talla 2xlc, SMR LVE, A-Tronix & Sven E,Alan Morris, Enzo, Roger Shah & Andrea Ribeca. Also amazing vocals by Zein Hallak, Danny Claire, Christina Novelli, Cheryl Barnes, HALIENE, Alaera, Kjetil Landsgard, Jess Morgan,Eric Lumiere, Jess Morgan, Zara Taylor, Genie O’Malley and three remixs by Allen Watts, Reorder and C-Systems. Get ready for a nice one hour nonstop mix in Trance & Vocal Trance.

TrackList Deep Dreams 15

  1. Denis Kenzo & Zein Hallak – Singing Back To Love (Extended Mix) [Denis Kenzo Recordings]
  2. Evebe feat. Danny Claire – Everything (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]
  3. Christina Novelli – I’m Ok (Allen Watts Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
  4. Woody van Eyden & Cheryl Barnes – Electricity (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights Music]
  5. Somna & HALIENE – Secret (ReOrder Extended Remix) [Magik Muzik]
  6. Sandro Mireno & Alaera – Fairy Tale (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]
  7. NewLands Feat. Kjetil Landsgard – Spore Rain (Original Mix) [Natura Recordings]
  8. Talla 2xlc – All The Dreams We Shared (Extended Mix) [That’s Trance]
  9. Alan Morris, Enzo feat. Jess Morgan – Tapestry of Us (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)]
  10. SMR LVE Feat. Eric Lumiere ‎– Show Me The Light (C-Systems Remix) [Always Alive Recordings]
  11. A-Tronix & Sven E Feat. Zara Taylor – Forgiven [Redux Recordings]
  12. Roger Shah & Genie O’Malley – Touch The Feelz (Extended Uplifting Mix) [Magic Island Elevate]
  13. Andrea Ribeca – Ola Del Sol (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

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