Deep Dreams 28

(One Hour Progressive And Vocal Trance Mix)

Dreamlab projectDeep Dreams 28

Deep Dreams #28  has great tunes by

Producers: Feel And Andrew Mirt, Kwone, Simon Leon, Benjani, Roman Messer, Yuri Yavorovskiy, Vladislav Maximov, Temple One And Daniel Kandi, Dennis Sheperd, Costa, Denis Kenzo;
Vocalist: Alexandra Badoi, Alaera, Anime Salmee, Gid Sedgwick, Irina Fox, chloe Kay, Hanna Finsen;
Remixes: Rnadh3, Ben Mcconnell, Aurosonic,

TrackList Deep Dreams #28

  1. Feel And Andrew Mirt And Alexandra Badoi - Our Love [Suanda Music]
  2. Kwone And Alaera - I Can Feel [Interplay Global]
  3. Dj T.H. And Anime Salmee - Unbreakable [AVA Recordings (Black Hole)]
  4. Simon Leon And Alexandra Badoi - Would You [Magik Muzik]
  5. Benjani - Belvedere [Perfecto Records]
  6. Roman Messer And Gid Sedgwick - This Is Real [Suanda Music]
  7. Yuri Yavorovskiy Feat. Irina Fox - Freedom Of Life (Rnadh3 Remix) [Yavorovskiy Recordings]
  8. Vladislav Maximov And Social Mistake - Empty Home (Ben Mcconnell Remix) [Addictive Sounds]
  9. Temple One And Daniel Kandi And Gid Sedgwick - Losing Light [Always Alive Recordings]
  10. Dennis Sheperd & Chloe Kay - How Does It Feel (Aurosonic Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
  11. Costa And Hanna Finsen - To Tear Us Apart [RazNitzanMusic]
  12. Denis Kenzo And Whiteout - Leave [Denis Kenzo Recordings]
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