Deep Dreams 45

(One Hour Uplifting Trance Mix)

Dreamlab projectDeep Dreams 30

Deep Dreams #45  has great tunes by

Producers: Lost Witness, Transaphonic, Ultimate And Timair, Alexso, Raul Alex I. , Robbie Seed, Alex M.O.R.P.H. And A.R.D.I,
C-Systems, Leksin And Yuri Melnikov, Andy Jornee, Dreamy, Lr Uplift
Vocalist: Malene, Alexandra Badoi, Hanna Finsen, Victoriya, Lyd14

TrackList Deep Dreams #45

  1. Lost Witness And Malene - Red Summer Sky [Find Your Harmony]
  2. Transaphonic - Tachyon Theory [Ablazing Records]
  3. Ultimate And Timair And Alexso - Catharsis [Infrasonic Pure]
  4. Raul Alex I. And Alexandra Badoi - Incomplete [2Rock Recordings]
  5. Robbie Seed And Rinaly - All Alone [Find Your Harmony]
  6. Airdream And Calvin Ocommor - Confusion [HeavensGate]
  7. Alex M.O.R.P.H. And A.R.D.I - Guadalupe [FSOE]
  8. C-Systems And Hanna Finsen - Surrender [RazNitzanMusic]
  9. Leksin And Yuri Melnikov - Galanthus [Beyond Stars]
  10. Andy Jornee And Victoriya - Alone On A Planet (28 Years Later Edit) [Universe7]
  11. Dreamy And Lyd14 - Ether [Abora Recording]
  12. Lr Uplift - Euphoria [Abora Recording]

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