Deep Dreams 22

(One Hour Energetic Progressive Trance Mix)

Dreamlab projectDeep Dreams 22

Deep Dreams #22  has great tunes by

Producers: Angelica S, Noise Zoo And Brandon Mignacca, Pittarius Code And Ali Mohtashami, N-eil, Matt-vell, Nanje Nowack, Costa, Darren Tate, Jameson Tullar, Whitelight, Ahmed Helmy, Adip Kiyoi, Solis And Sean Truby, Light And Shadow & Luke Anderson;
Vocalist: Kimberly Hale, May Britt Scheffer, Hysteria, Katrine Stenbekk, Leanne Mccauley, Amin Salmee, Sue Mclare;
Remixes: Science Deal, Somna,

TrackList Deep Dreams #22

  1. Angelica S - Prelude In E Minor (Science Deal Remix) [Crystalclouds Recordings]
  2. Noise Zoo And Brandon Mignacca - Sunlight [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
  3. Beatsole, Eugenio Tokarev & Kimberly Hale - Only Me [RazNitzanMusic]
  4. Pittarius Code And Ali Mohtashami Ft May Britt Scheffer - Stories [Aural Sonic: Harmony]
  5. N-eil, Matt-vell, Nanje Nowack - Fire Away [Bonzai Back Catalogue]
  6. Costa And Hysteria - Dagger [RazNitzanMusic]
  7. Darren Tate - Grains [Mondo Records]
  8. East & Atlas Ft. Katrine Stenbekk - Heroes [Enhanced Progressive]
  9. Jameson Tullar And Leanne Mccauley - Echo In The Dark [Yeiskomp Records]
  10. Whitelight - Kingdom Of Illusions [Suanda Base]
  11. Ahmed Helmy - Symphony [Suanda Base]
  12. Adip Kiyoi And Amin Salmee - Wolves [Suanda Voice]
  13. Solis And Sean Truby Ft. Sue Mclaren - Closer To The Earth (Somna Remix) [Infrasonic Gold]
  14. Light And Shadow Vs. Luke Anderson - Daydream [Interplay Global]

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