Deep Dreams 23

(One Hour Euphoric And Uplifting Trance Mix)

Dreamlab projectDeep Dreams 23

Deep Dreams #23  has great tunes by

Producers: Saif Alatrash, Alex Kunnari, Tolga Uzulmez, Alexander De Roy, Binary Finary And Lele Troniq, Andy Elliass And Dan Iwan, Feel Xrobin Vane, Omar Sherif, Jak Aggas, Andy Jornee, Xijaro And Pitch, Corrado Baggier ;
Vocalist: Hidden Tigress, Christina Novelli, Anaym, Cari, Elles De Graaf, Zara Taylor;
Remixes: C-Systems, D72, Aand,

TrackList Deep Dreams #23

  1. Saif Alatrash - Amour [Trance Temple Records]
  2. Alex Kunnari And Jennifer Rene - Always Be My Friend [Multicolors Dreams]
  3. Tolga Uzulmez - Voyage [AVA Recordings (Black Hole)]
  4. Alexander De Roy And Hidden Tigress - Intention [Extrema Global Music]
  5. Binary Finary And Lele Troniq Ft. Christina Novelli - Waiting For The Sun (C-Systems Extended Emotional Remix) [Digital Society Recordings]
  6. Andy Elliass And Dan Iwan With Anaym - Narrow (D72 Extended Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
  7. Feel-X and Robin Vane - Found Myself (A&M Remix) [Bonzai Back Catalogue]
  8. Omar Sherif And Cari - Here For You [ Future Sound of Egypt]
  9. Sinstar - Galaxy [Alveda Liquid]
  10. Jak Aggas And Elles De Graaf - In My Arms [RazNitzanMusic]
  11. Andy Jornee and Zara Taylor - Without You [Universe7]
  12. Xijaro And Pitch And Corrado Baggieri - Ode To The Fallen [RazNitzanMusic]

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