Deep Dreams Episode 30

1 Hour Euphoric Trance Mix

Dreamlab projectDeep Dreams 30

Deep Dreams 30 has new tunes by Exolight And Suncatcher, Cubetonic, Stanv, Bigtopo And The Old Guard,
Snatt And Vix, Dreamy And Daniel Kandi, Ferrin And Morris, Ardao And Fischer , Ralphie B, Innersync and massive vocals by Cathy Burton, Denise Rivera, Tara Louise, Magdalen Silvestra and of course great remixes by Costa, Dallaz Project, Aimoon, Alan Morris and Etasonic, Get ready to nice mix in Progressive Trance Mix!

TrackList Deep Dreams 30

  1. Cathy Burton And Omnia - Hearts Connected (Costa Mix) [RazNitzanMusic]
  2. Exolight And Suncatcher - Sunset Drive [Euphonic]
  3. Cubetonic And Makizante - Feel Me Now [Suanda]
  4. Stanv - Thoughts [High Contrast Recordings]
  5. Bigtopo And The Old Guard - Cesaraugusta [Suanda]
  6. Snatt And Vix Ft. Denise Rivera - Here For The Rush (Dallaz Project Remix) [RazNitzanMusic]
  7. Dreamy And Daniel Kandi - 1Up (Aimoon Remix) [Always Alive Recordings ]
  8. Ferrin And Morris And Hysteria - Horizon (Alan Morris Remix) [RazNitzanMusic]
  9. Temple One & Daniel Kandi And Tara Louise - Found Love In Me [Always Alive Recordings ]
  10. Ardao And Fischer And Miethig - Wish You Were Here [State Soundscapes]
  11. Ralphie B - Briseis [Subculture]
  12. Innersync Feat Magdalen Silvestra - Hold Your Dreams (Etasonic Remix) [Verse]

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