Oceanic Dreams 26 (Special)

1 Hour Chillout & Ambient Dreamly Nonstop Mix (Schiller Special Mix 2018)

Dreamlab projectOceanic Dreams 26
DreamLab Project - Oceanic Dreams 26 (Schiller Special Mix)

26th Episode Of Oceanic Dreams is special mix of the schiller best tracks.Get ready to nice mix! For further info, check my social with Oceanic Dreams 26

TrackList Oceanic Dreams 26

  1. The Smile (feat. Sarah Brightman)
  2. Let Me Love You (feat. Kim Sanders)
  3. Morning Dew (With Mike Oldfield)
  4. Ein schoner Tag
  5. Ruhe (Langspiel Fassung)
  6. Sommernacht
  7. I Will Follow You (feat. Henree)
  8. Love (feat. Mila Mar)
  9. Dancing In The Dark (mit Ameerah)
  10. Falling (feat. Moya Brennan)
  11. In The Dark (Mit Jette von Roth)
  12. Hallucinating Beauty (mit Kate Havnevik)
  13. Die Wirklichkeit
  14. Ile Aye
  15. I Feel You (feat. Heppner)
  16. Miles And Miles (feat. Moya Brennan)
  17. Dream Of You
  18. Whats Coming (feat. Jette Von Roth)

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