Oceanic Dreams 34

(A Dream On Buddha Bar , Chapter II)

Dreamlab projectOceanic Dreams 34
DreamLab Project - Oceanic Dreams 34

Oceanic Dreams 34 (A dream on buddha bar) have great tunes by Chris le Blanc, Jay Aliyev,Alexander Volosnikov, Frank Borell, Gelvetta, Moe Turk , Le Voyage, Mission Brown, Persia Beatz . get ready for nice mix

TrackList Oceanic Dreams 34

  1. Chris le Blanc - Offshore Serenade [M-Sol Records]
  2. Jay Aliyev - Maybe That s A Lie (Original Mix) [Baijan Records]
  3. Artenovum - Flutlicht (Mr. Dsay Mystic Voice Downbeat Mix) [Freebeat Music Records]
  4. Alexander Volosnikov - Sometimes It's Better To Keep Silent [Easy Summer Limited]
  5. Frank Borell - Alive (Electric Dream Cut) [Maretimo Records]
  6. Gelvetta - Beautiful Angel [Neostatics Essential]
  7. Arona - Shawq (Original Mix) [Cafe De Anatolia]
  8. Corandcrank - Deliláh
  9. Yair Albeg Wein - Nandi Hills [George V Records]
  10. Mirage Of Deep - Sun Sahdu (Original Mix) [M-Sol Records]
  11. Moe Turk - Reflections (Original Mix) [Be Adult Music]
  12. Tarık Sarul - Lay
  13. Furkan Sert & Müslüm Arı - Leave Me (Original Mix) [Cherokee Recordings]
  14. Le Voyage - Long Time Ago (Key 7 Mix) [Maretimo Records]
  15. Mission Brown - Bleeding Heart (World Mix) [M-Sol Records]
  16. Sunyata Project - Bird Of Satori (Original Mix) [Andorfine Records]
  17. Persia Beatz - Yoyoma (Air Meditation Mix) [Maretimo Records]
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  1. […] are decided to create a short clip as introduce my new episode Oceanic Dreams 34 , so it is the result, and after finish i extended this mashup, ope you listen and enjoy from thhis […]

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